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Pressurization Systems

Air pressurization systems are aimed to provide a suitable transportation route for firefighters to respond to a fire by preventing the entrance of smoke to the pressurizing fire stairs and ensuring the evacuation of people in a smoke-free environment.

According to the Turkish regulation for the protection of buildings from fire, if the height of the stairwell is more than 30.50 m in all buildings, except residences, fire stairs must be pressurized.

In buildings with more than 4 basement floors, escape stairs of the basement floor must be pressurized. In buildings with a height of more than 51.50 m, escape stairs must be equipped with an air pressurization system.

As EUROVENN, we care about developing our products related to pressurization systems. In the meantime, we continue to provide engineering services for the establishment of the most accurate system by evaluating every pressurization project we work with according to its criteria.