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With our long time experience in the manufacturing sector of mechanical system and the high demand that we receive, we have decided to turn EUROVENN from a local brand into a global brand, Our products meet the quality and standards of many countries and are ready to be shipped. Since the beginning of our production journey, we uphold the idea of bringing products to their demanders by maintaining high quality, lowering the cost, offering fair prices and  delivering quality engineering services.





What We Do?




Project Design


Project Planning


One of the main issues we observe is the use of wrong or unnecessary ducts and devices in pre-production projects. These wrong plans increase the cost for the contractor before they even get to the production stage. Our design service helps to identify and correct the errors in the plans to prevent unnecessary costs and aims to provide the optimal solution to our customers.




AHU Manufacturiıng


Air Conditioning Units


We manufacture air handling units, such as fans, aspirators, ventilators, ventilation units and heat recovery devices according the project requirements and assure smooth functioning of the systems. Our target is to deliver high-quality products to our customers with competitive prices. We aim to achieve our target by performing R&D activities in this direction.




Duct Production


Dedicated Production, Regular Assembly

Another issue is the slipshod manufacturing and improper installation of ventilation ducts. Our manufacturing and assembly team work with diligence to eliminate manufacturing or installation issues. The air ducts are carefully prepared, packaged, shipped and accurately assembled on site.




Our Mision


Creating Value

Our aim is to deliver customers the right products, on time, to without problems, for the best price. The right product for us is a product having the desired flow rate and pressure values, and having a high-quality body, electrical components, motor and propeller sets. With continuous investments in R&D studies and production tools, we aim to become a sustainable brand that provides continuous service while ranking the first in the global market.




Our Vision


Providing Sustainability


We continuously follow developing technologies and new production methods, adopt these techniques to our products and even further develop these by adding something from us. We are dedicated to create added values for human lives and for our country while ensuring sustainability on long-term. All humans and every individual should have the right to access and use high quality healthy products.